don't get pregnant~

There was a group of familiar-looking people wearing white coats having breakfast in the canteen of Seberang Jaya Hospital. I went over to them with a big hello.

They immediately greeted me back.
"Oh hellooooo Huda!"
"What are you doing here?"
"Paediatrics, is it?"

One of my friend, a tall Chinese guy said "Huda, I got an advice for you"
"Oh yeah? What?"
"Don't ever ever got pregnant, please"

At first, I thought he was joking. But his face was dead serious. Suddenly it dawned on me.

"You guys are in O&G right? And you just watched a delivery, I guess"

The group nodded collectively.

I laughed "Oh my God, you are traumatised is it"

One of the girls replied animatedly "Yeah...actually the girls more relaxed laa. The guys yang lagi traumatised. You know we watched a delivery going on for one hour. Semua orang dah kerut-kerut muka. Bila baby tu kuar...semua orang legaaa...dengan jerit-jeritnya...horror tau"

"Padan laaa" I grinned at my friend who had actually prevented me from getting pregnant. He looked defensive.

"Ya laaa! After I seen that I also don't want to get anybody pregnant!"

I almost laughed out loud, but considered it to be too rude. After all, he WAS dead serious. And traumatised.

"Then how on earth are you going to have kids?" I asked.
"I dunno...." he shrugged helplessly.

"Okay laaa...then just think about your mum. How she gave birth to you" I said.

He buried his head in his hand.

"I know...I'm going to tell my mum again and again, thank you" he said.

My heart was immediately touched on that fine bright Friday morning.



papoki said...

buat malu kaum je laki tu~
buat anak pandai pulak.

see,betape besar pengorbanan seorang ibu.
even laki sendiri pon sampai trauma tengok bini bersalin

so,pahamilah kami.kami kuat!

adah said...

haish..x dpt bygkn mak ak
lhirkn 10 org ank..

papoki said...

tu ar..ko kena doublekan jumlah tu nt..
lawan mak ko~

adah said...

pndi la ko...
derhake tau anak lwn mak